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Global Supplier of Custom Manufactured Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Sprockets, and Splines for the Aerospace, Mining, Medical, and Power Tool Industries - Since 1970

Precision Gear LLC, is a Midwestern based manufacturer of custom gears, splines and related components serving the general aviation, aerospace, mining, medical, power tool, machine building and general industrial markets. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by many satisfied customers and our designation as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and AS9100:2004 Compliant supplier. Our commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated in the latest technology and by directing our resources to maximize the potential of our advanced gear manufacturing facility. However the commitment that sets us apart from our competitors, is our extreme emphasis on quality and delivery. We are your dependable gear supplier.

Precision Gear is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and AS 9100 compliant and have quality control capabilities that can meet the needs of our commercial and aerospace customers. Contact Precision Gear LLC. today!

Gear Grinding
Precision Gear offers full capacity gear grinding for the general aviation, aerospace, mining, defense, and other demanding industries. We can improve gear quality by refining the gear’s profile after heat treating or establish high quality prior to nitride that allows for changes during heat treat. We offer single flank profile grinding & threaded wheel grinding on state of the art equipment. With more than 20 years of gear grinding experience, Precision Gear offers state of the art grinding capabilities. From one piece to thousands, spur or helical, Precision Gear has the equipment and personnel to meet almost any customer’s needs. Our equipment includes Gleason, Hofler, Csepel and Niles machines with full charting and inspection capabilities for demanding applications. We also offer contract grinding services for other gear companies or customers with in-house gear cutting capabilities.

Design, Engineering and Manufacture of Prototypes as Well as Short Run Production
Blank Development - Including time and cost studies of the blank and costs related to blank setup, average number of parts per hour that can be produced and more.
Proven programs to begin production.
Materials – All ferrous materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium and carbonates and composite materials.
Thicknesses – From foil to 1 inch.
Custom Tooling and Design – We can design and develop your tooling. Laser lamination of tools to prove out a process before a customer has invested heavily in the tools for the press brake.
Short Lead Times and Short Production Runs – We perform production work only to bridge the gap between prototyping and a customer being able to undertake production themselves.
Being a prototyper, Fabricating Solutions creates many unique parts, including this cornice molding the company designed and formed for renovation of a Cleveland skyscraper.

ID/ODGrinding Precision Gear has ID / OD grinding capacity which is utilized for in-house production of components used in general aviation, aerospace, mining, defense, and other demanding industries. Precision Gear has two Studer grinders and plans to purchase an additional grinder in 2009. All capacity is currently used to green grind and finish grind components manufactured complete by Precision Gear. Full inspection capabilities including size, concentricity, and form are available along with SPC as required. Highly experienced machinists and state of the art equipment make our processes as robust as possible.


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