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These are some of our success stories...

When a client brought us a design for a patient table they needed us to manufcture,  P.F. Rooney & Associates worked with their engineers to reduce part count by half, making it cheaper and quicker to produce.


A Mentor, Ohio machining and fabricating shop was at a business crossroads. While other shops were downsizing or going out of business,   P.F. Rooney & Associates helped them identify new industry demands so they could purchase equipment and expand capacity to meet those demands. As a result we have taken up and improved production for large clients who lost in-house capacity when they were forced to lay off skilled workers. Our improved equipment and streamlined operation have increased our clients' throughput and lowered their costs below what they had been in-house.


When a Solon Ohio company redesigned a railroad maintenance component to meet improved OSHA safety standards, they were unable to find a manufacturer for the complex stamping—one that represented nearly $3 million a year in sales.  P.F. Rooney & Associates located a source and worked with them to provide the part at a lower cost.


The opportunity to produce the solenoid valves used in the cryovascular process to insert more than a hundred thousand surgical stents per year represents a wonderful new market for an Erie, PA hydraulic valve manufacturer.  P.F. Rooney & Associates helped them assure a quality fit and low cost by arranging a single source for five major components.


Design Engineers from a major transportation systems company were looking for a good price for an important framehead that called for a complex, two piece manufacturing process.  Working with experienced local fabricators, P.F. Rooney & Associates provided a stronger single-piece solution that saved GE 35%.  


When Chevy changed the design on their Malibu V6 engine, the original rubber torque vibration dampers were no longer adequate.  A well known rubber company in Erie, PA  had a design for the new damper, but it was P.F. Rooney & Associates who came up with a custom blended plastic compound that exceeded the new design specs and allowed the company to compete for—and win—the bid to provide the new part.


Design engineers from a Solon, Ohio company approached P.F. Rooney & Associates with a product design that appeared doomed because it was too complex to produce oversees and too expensive to produce locally.  By using a local high-tech manufacturer that also has a presence in China, P.F. Rooney & associates provided a low-cost solution while retaining the accountability and service that usually only come from using local suppliers.  That product is currently worth nearly $3 million per year in sales.


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